What are the essential JavaScript skills required for Lightning Web Components?


Hi Everyone, In the world of web development, JavaScript is the powerhouse that brings interactivity and dynamism to your applications. When it comes to building Lightning Web Components (LWC), a modern web standard framework developed by Salesforce, having a good hold of JavaScript not only expedite your work but also help you to understand the LWC framework. In this blog post, we’ll explore the essential JavaScript concepts you need to master to create effective and efficient Lightning Web Components.

Null over Undefined

var name; //name is undefined as JavaScript interpreter/compiler internally assign it.
var name = null; //recommended to assign null


var obj = {“demo”}
var obj1 = Object.create(obj);//ref of obj will be passed to obj1

Dot vs Array fetching from object
var object = {
“full name” : “abc”,
“name” : “cde”,
“age” : 23
In this , if requirement is to fetch full name then
object.full name will not solve our problem
object[“full name”] this way we can do and its also recommended one.

Convert object to string

String to Object


typeof (typeof 1)
typeof (“number”)// will return from above line as typeof 1 is number
string// will return string as typeof(‘number’) is string


Number data type

In JavaScript, there is no distinction between float and double data types as you might find in some other programming languages.

var num = 32.11
//NaN is also a Number
//Infinity is also a Number

Let and Var

Variables declared by let are only available inside the block where they’re defined. Variables declared by var are available throughout the function in which they’re declared. We can dive into the code sample share below to get more clarity.

var a = 5;
console.log(a); // 5
var a = 3;
console.log(a); // 3
console.log(a); // 3
let a = 5;
console.log(a); // 5
let a = 3;
console.log(a); // 3
console.log(a); // 5


100+’str’ //100str

//number of 100+number of null+number 20+str


var arr =[“1″,”2″,”3″,”4″,”5”];
var newarr = arr.slice(1,3);// new arr [“2″,”3”]
//arr is not changes, just a copy is made

var arr =[“1″,”2″,”3″,”4″,”5”];


Mastering essential JavaScript concepts is a prerequisite for becoming proficient in Lightning Web Components development. By digesting the fundamentals of variables, functions, objects, classes, arrays, you’ll be well-equipped to create dynamic and efficient LWCs that deliver an exceptional user experience. Whether you are novice or experienced, these above JavaScript chunks of code will definitely pays it off while working on Lightning web component.

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