How do I delete old version in flow?

Requirement Overview

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of deleting old versions in Salesforce Flow, helping you maintain a clean and organized Flow environment.

Managing flow efficiently is essential for maintaining a streamlined business process. As your organization ages, updates to your Salesforce Flows becomes unavoidable. However, the accumulation of old versions can clutter your workspace and potentially cause confusion.

Generally, we get the error that “flow version is referenced elsewhere in . Remove the usage and try again“.

Basically it indicates that the version of the flow you’re trying to delete is being used or referenced by other parts of your Salesforce setup. Before you can successfully delete the flow version, you need to identify and remove these references.

Here’s what you can do however for that you have to stick to the end with me.

Steps to delete

1. Go to setup->flow->flow versions.

2. Delete the version and check if the above error appears.

3. Go to setup-> Paused And Failed Flow Interviews(screenshot attached for reference).

4. Find your flow and delete it. Make sure no instance is left in it.

5. Now you are good to go and delete your flow version.

Paused And Failed Flow Interviews Screen


Paused And Failed Flow Interviews – These flows may have encountered errors, issues, or dependencies that caused them to pause or fail during execution.

Please be cautious when deleting versions, as this action is irreversible and may impact any processes or automations that depend on the deleted version of the flow.


So basically the paused and failed flow interviews is the one which is restraining us to delete old version of flow. We are good now by adhering with the above mentioned steps that will assist us to overcome our problem statement.

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