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Hello there! Welcome to my blog!
Thanks for giving me your valuable time. I appreciate it.😊

-Md. Adil Ansari

Before moving to my background I would like to share the key reason for initiating this blog.

  • Firstly, I wanted to socialize the content processed after tons of discussions with the technical architect during my development phase and POCs with everyone reading out here. This will certainly save a reasonable amount of time in reinventing the wheel.
  • Secondly, Clarifying the queries spinning around the head about the salesforce ecosystem through the FAQ.
  • Ikigai

My name is Md. Adil Ansari. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. I graduated in the year 2015.

I started my career as Java full stack developer.

When I look back now, I feel fortunate to have had a wonderful experience in the different technical stacks.

Currently, I am having knowledge over these stacks.

  • Java and its Framework (Struts, Spring, Hibernate).
  • Databases such as Oracle, MySQL, and Postgress. (PL/SQL development)
  • DevOps(Docker and Kubernetes)
  • Front End- JSP, JavaScript, Angular.

Apart from this, I too have a hobby of playing volleyball, listening to Shayari, reading self-help books, and helping less fortunate people.

Now let’s talk about something which is fulfilling the fuel consumption at no cost and that’s Salesforce.

I fell in love with it very soon knowing “Salesforce is written in Apex, which is a domain-specific language built on top of Java”

At present, I am a Senior Salesforce Developer responsible for maintaining a stable, high-performing salesforce development. Taking business requirements and figuring out how to apply them within Salesforce CRM.

If you have anything to say, feel free to mail me here.

Share and grow together!

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