[Solved] Flow Builder Deployment Error: “We can’t find an action with the name and action type that you specified”

In this post, we will talk about this specific deployment error which is “We can’t find an action with the name and action type that you specified”. Let me briefly mention that it threw this error when I was deploying a flow with a custom notification reference in it. I introduced a custom notification in the flow just to send notifications when the account status is updated.
Surely, You are going to get a simple approach to deploy it without fail.

Requirement Overview

  • Deploy Flow in which custom notification is there as action in it.

Solution Approach

You can retrieve Flow, Custom notification, and Settings to get it properly deployed from package.xml.


Retrieve the files using this package.xml. After retrieving you can see three files one for Flow, the other for Notification type(extension of .notiftype) and the last one is Notifications.settings file.

You can explore more about notifications setting from here.


Hurray!!! These three above files will help you in smooth deployment.

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