How To Edit Task/Event Layout On Activity Timeline In Salesforce?

In this post, we will discuss about how to edit task/event layout on activity timeline in salesforce?

The Activity Tab on standard objects can be confusing. Follow along to understand how to edit task/event layouts.

Requirement Overview

Modify the task/event layout. It can be either the addition or removal of fields from their layout which is shown in the activity timeline.

Solution Approach

The actions discovered on the Activity Timeline are, in fact, Global Actions. By accessing Global Actions in the Salesforce setup, you have the ability to modify the layout of these actions simultaneously across all objects.


Follow the below given steps to get it done.

2.Go to quick find enter “Global action”
3.Click on New Task
4.Edit layout
5.Drag and drop custom field


The activity does not live under the object manager or associated with any object. For this requirement, we need to jump to global actions and get it done.

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